Luxury coffee-table books

Big and bold, luxury coffee-table books are a visual feast. Coffee-table books offer high-class photography of people, places and objects that we love. They are almost works of art – ideal for bookshelves or display on coffee-tables. We’ve curated a selection of books about art, cars, fashion, food, and music. Shop for titles from the biggest names in luxury book publishing. We have books from Taschen, Rizzoli, Assouline, Phaidon, and other major publishers.

Find luxury coffee-table books

Fashion books

Designers and icons from the fashion world can be found in numerous stylish books.

Car books

The world's greatest cars can be found in the pages of luxury automotive books.

Food books

Experience the joy of food and drink through sumptuous photography and recipes.

Music books

The biggest stars in music, from pop to rock, can be found in coffee-table books.

Discover art with these special editions

Great art is at your fingertips with hundreds of beautiful art books.
Let it Be, released in May, 1970, was The Beatles’ final album before the group’s break-up. This book is the official account of the songs created for that album. This special edition includes a poster showing a bird's eye view of The Beatles' final concert.

From Michelangelo to David Bowie

This book resulted from a five-year collaboration between the Vatican and two publishers. It features 1-1 scale photography from the Sistine Chapel.
This deluxe edition was a collaboration between David Bowie and photographer Mick Rock. It commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Ziggy Stardust LP.
The Impossible Collection of Cars profiles the 20th century's 100 most exceptional cars. The cars include the 1909 Blitzen Benz and the 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S.
Slim Aarons' photography shows the lifestyles of the rich in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. From mansions to ranches, step inside these amazing homes.
There are several editions of this book about the boxing champ, Muhammad Ali. They all include more than 3,000 photographs, essays and original interviews. Readers see Ali in and out of the ring. This is a big book about a big athlete.

More beautiful books

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